Securing Your Property and Avoiding Risks: Advantages of Pursuing Private Property Impounds

Regardless of the size of the property you own, you're always responsible to some degree for the things that occur on that property. This can leave you in a difficult situation if a vehicle that's outside of your control is left on your property and is involved in an incident.

Even if nothing untoward occurs, it can still be frustrating to deal with an encroaching vehicle taking up space that you might want to use. Luckily, as a property owner, you have rights that can help guarantee that your space remains fully secure and protected.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of pursuing a private property impound for a vehicle parked on your land without your permission. You may feel that impounding a vehicle is unfair or inappropriate, but getting past this idea is an important step. Opening your eyes to all of the potential advantages will go a long way toward expediting that process.

Thorough Documentation

If a vehicle is parked on your private property without your permission and is later damaged, you might find yourself seeking out a defense from spurious claims even though you had nothing to do with the matter in the first place. In some cases, you might even find yourself the victim of a planned scam. Finding ways to get someone else to pay for damage is a common trick among con artists, and this trick is one that you should be protected from.

When your towing service arrives to impound a vehicle, be sure that every step of the process is thoroughly recorded. Pictures of the vehicle should be taken as it was found as well as after it's hooked up for transport and after it arrives in the impound lot. The vehicle identification number, license plate information and other identifying information should be carefully logged so you are protected from false accusations of property damage.

Customer Service

While you might end up being a customer for a towing service, it's important that your commercial property is fully able to serve your customers. If clients arrive at your business only to have difficulty parking or to be faced with an unappealing and potentially abandoned vehicle, the bad impression your property makes could damage your reputation. Taking control of the situation is an important step in protecting yourself.

Standing up for your customers is an absolutely essential part of owning a business. You don’t need to feel guilty about securing parking spots and traffic lanes for visitors and employees at your place of business. While the person whose car is impounded may feel some frustration, the goodwill that's returned to you by the people who benefit from the extra space should make up several times over for any annoyances.

Emergency Response

Perhaps the worst nightmare for any property owner is finding themselves in a position where they need assistance from an emergency vehicle. However, the one thing that can compound the effects of such a situation is needing assistance and being unable to get it because an abandoned vehicle has been left in an important traffic lane.

Any vehicle left parked in a fire lane is one that you should tend to in a hurry. Maximum maneuverability is necessary for an emergency, and you shouldn't take any chances of being faced with an unanticipated challenge from a parked car.

College Oak Towing can handle your private property impounds quickly and professionally. Knowing that you'll receive careful and professional care can eliminate any concerns you have over the process and can guarantee that you reclaim control over your parking lot as quickly as possible.